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The Pillowman

'Keith Singleton’s Katurian is a quietly powerful, touchingly vulnerable and intelligent performance.'

.British Theatre Guide (Michael Quinn)

'The character of Katurian is delivered with pin-sharp precision by Keith Singleton.'

.The Irish Times( Jane Coyle)

'The cast is led by the outstanding Singleton, a natural and skilled storyteller, much like his weighted role as Katurian. Even in the darkest moments of interrogation, Katurian’s passion for his stories shines through his physicality, as he breathes life into each story.'

The Arts Dispatch (Orla Keaveney)

'Through a combination of nervous submission, brazen self-defence and manic humour, Singleton's Katurian doesn't miss a beat.'

The Stage

'Keith Singleton is a gifted storyteller, and brilliantly cast as Katurian in Martin McDonagh's The Pillowman.'

Alan in Belfast

Something Different

'Singleton's Martin and Nicky Harley's Susan - natural comedians both - play against each other with all the ease of a well-honed double act.'

British Theatre Guide (Michael Quinn)

The Gap Year

'Keith Singleton oozes empathy and charisma as he flits between characters.'

Alan in Belfast

The Untold Truth of Captain Hook

'Keith Singleton is an actor with a sparkle in his eye and a voice and a toolkit of gestures that draw the audience into his confidence.'

Alan in Belfast


The Tempest

'Keith Singleton as Trinculo is particularly skilled in charming audience members.'

The Stage


Hansel & Gretel

'Keith Singleton fizzes and crackles with tireless energy as Peter Pan exuding compact physicality.'

Culture Northern Ireland

Madame Geneva

'Keith gets the biggest laughs exploding with outrage as gin sodden wenches place their hands upon his person! His is a rolling tide of period perfect invective.'

Culture HUB

Looking Deadly

'Like David Renwick, or an unsentimental Richard Curtis, McGrath and Singleton’s comedy is tight and brilliantly sustains mirth and merriment, to the point where an hour in their company is not quite enough. You sense they have many more caricatures in their locker.'

The Big List

'Idiomatic language displays the authors' sharp ear that is perfectly matched by the actors' flair for mimicry and parody, lampooning well-worn stereotypes to terrific comic effect.'

The Reviews Hub 

'McGrath and Singleton deliver fifty five minutes of madcap physical and tongue-twisting verbal comedy together with synchronised gestures and beautiful accents that can’t fail to make you laugh.'

Alan in Belfast

'McGrath & Singleton's performances are superb; their fluidity and flexibility of both face and body are exceptional.' 


'Keith Singleton's portrayal of an Ulster Unionist with loose dentures could be spun off into a whole show of its own.'

Alan in Belfast


'The shakes, sweating and tortured speech patterns as Robert & Louise edge nearer on the counterpane make Keith Singleton's performance a brilliant piece of naturalism.' 

Culture Northern Ireland (Jane Coyle)

The Scarlet WWWeb

'Keith Singleton does a sterling job in rapidly establishing the parameters of the Jean-Paul character, suggesting his creepiness, but also the loneliness and isolation of an ultimately harmless individual who craves affection.'

Irish Theatre Magazine (Terence Blain)


Melmoth the Wanderer

'Furthermore, the laughs – of which there are many, thanks largely to supporting actor Keith Singleton and his Dougal Maguire on crack asides – serve to disarm the audience, making the atrocities, which include acts of cannibalism, familicide and infanticide, even more horrific.'

Culture Northern Ireland



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