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This Man Is An Island

July 2021

During one of the stinky lockdowns I got to make an audio story with my very sound and skilled friend Larry McGowan.

It's called 'This Man Is An Island' and it is available to listen to for the month of July on The Civic Theatre's website.

We'd be thrilled if at least one of your ears tuned in. 

HUGE thanks to The Civic for hosting us. Absolute Legends. Dotes. And Legends.  


May 2021

I've spent a week researching and developing with Replay Theatre Company. 

I've been in quality company and all efforts are geared toward an outdoor show as part of the EastSide Arts Festival. 

An actual show! With an actual audience!

Excuse me while I wipe the drool from the side of my mouth. 

The show is called 'Curtains' and it is going to be top fun. 

A bELFast Christmas

Januray 2021

Brassneck's 'A bELFast Christmas' went down a treat. 

If you haven't had a chance to see it and don't mind watching Christmas films in January then feel free to check it out at the Brassneck Films youtube page.  

Colouring Book

September 2020

Presenting the World's first ever Craictivity Book!

As far as I know. 

Thanks to Aoife's Clown Doctors I got to make fourteen Clown Docs into their very own activity / colouring page. 

The book was a pleasure to draw and it is due to be circulated around both Crumlin Children's Hospital and Temple Street Hospital. 

Fingers crossed it provides the children and some of the adults with a good laugh. 

Hatch & Scratch

June 2021


I'm a Hatcher & Scratcher for 2021. 

The MAC will kindly be providing myself and a load of other local artists with support over the next twelve months. 

There will be mentoring. There will be coaching. There will be workspace. Sweet sweet workspace. There will be a play written.

And part of that play will be performed at The MAC's Scratch Night next year. 

2022. Bring it on!

Tragik Plastik

March 2021

BOOM! Back in a room for some sweet sweet R & D!

I got to get my fish on for two weeks of uber playful development with no less than ten wonderful improvisers, courtesy of Tinderbox Theatre Company. 

It felt just as good as I thought it would. 

Elf Action

December 2020

I was delighted to get some extra Elf action as Papa Elf in one of FUEL's many Virtual Extravaganzas.


There was science and dancing and singing and magic and science and sorry I already said that, it's just it was so good I'm saying it again. 


Good times. Great times.  


May 2021

I was delighted to be part of the first ever Reimagine Arts Festival.

There was loads of cool stuff..... Art, Poetry, Music, Tai Chi, Forest Bathing! Hold on and I'll run you a bath with some branches in it. 

For my part, I got to present three super fast drama workshops. Games galore and tongue twisters aplenty. Top craic.

Well done to all involved, especially Eoín & Cathal. 


March 2021

St. Patrick's Day came early for me as I got to work on 'MacCarnysons', a film by Tumble Circus.

The fortnight's filming was an absolute treat and being in the presence of so many strong and skilled Circus performers was a wonderful reminder that I have more chance of becoming a Professional Footballer than performing acrobatics.   


'MacCarnysons' is Written and Directed by Ken Fanning and will be out in March.   

Crimbo with Brassneck

November 2020

I had the wonderful pleasure of filming 'A bELFast Christmas' with both Brassneck Theatre Company and Brassneck Youth. 


Santa has gone missing and Mistlejoe McJingles has to find him, fix his sleigh and get him back to the North Pole before Christmas morning. No pressure. Throw in a Wicked Witch (Christina Nelson) & an immovable Fairy (Debra Hill) and you've got a proper challenge / super film on yer hands / screens. 

Tune in at 6pm, 20th December on Brassneck's Facebook page. Yes!

Keith once again got to be the President of the Creme Egg Hunting Society.


EGG (Edmund Grayson Glenmorris III) welcomed novice hunters to his Creme Egg out of town Headquarters to put them through their paces and then spoil them rotten. Quality times were had and remarkable hunters were born.