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Keith was delighted to get some extra Elf action as Papa Elf in one of FUEL's many Virtual Extravaganzas.


There was science and dancing and singing and magic and science and sorry I already said that, it's just it was so good I'm saying it again. 


Good times. Great times.  

Brassneck's 'A bELFast Christmas' went down a treat. 

If you haven't had a chance to see it and don't mind watching Christmas films in January then feel free to check it out at the Brassneck Films youtube page.  

Keith has had the wonderful pleasure of filming 'A bELFast Christmas' with both Brassneck Theatre Company and Brassneck Youth. 


Santa has gone missing and Mistlejoe McJingles has to find him, fix his sleigh and get him back to the North Pole before Christmas morning. No pressure. Throw in a Wicked Witch (Christina Nelson) & an immovable Fairy (Debra Hill) and you've got a proper challenge / super film on yer hands / screens. 

Tune in at 6pm, 20th December on Brassneck's Facebook page. Yes!

Presenting the World's first ever Craictivity Book!

As far as Keith knows. 

Thanks to Aoife's Clown Doctors Keith got to make fourteen Clown Docs into their very own activity / colouring page. 

The book was a pleasure to draw and it is due to be circulated around both Crumlin Children's Hospital and Temple Street Hospital. 

Fingers crossed it provides the children and some of the adults with a good laugh. 

Belfast based trad-fusion band Lonesome George just made their first ever music video and you would never know it was their first because they are unreal in it.  

Keith got to be in said music video, Directed by the untameable beast that is Ken Fanning. You can check it out at the Lonesome George Facebook page. 

Keith has been blessed over the past few months with getting to reconnect with Aoife's Clown Docs through the medium of making ridiculous videos. 


Much fun has been had and other super news is that Keith is going to get to illustrate a second Aoife's Clown Doctors colouring book as there are so many new Clowns / Faces / Noses to draw.  

The Quiz Mastering has continued for Keith at FUEL.

The latest quiz saw him travel to Dublin to host live from FUEL Headquarters. He was around real people, in a real place, asking very real questions. 

Joy of joys.

Jo Quinn from JOGA YOGA recently asked Keith to illustrate a Colouring / Activity Book for JOGA YOGA, then Keith bit her hand off. Ouch!


Keith had a wonderful time drawing colouring-in pics of Jo in a number of yoga positions. And creating Activity Pages based on many of the mindful exercises Jo would practice with her students. 


The book turned out just lovely. 


JOGA YOGA are lovely:   

Keith is thrilled to bits and absolutely loving teaching bits of Drama to some of the fantastic members of Brassneck Youth. 

Sponges. Absolute sponges. Really creative sponges! 

Bring on the next sessions!

Owen Lamont needed a music video for his fantastic tune 'You' and so he did the right thing and asked Nicky Harley to put one together for him. 

Nicky and Keith had a few sessions in the park filming stuff and then Louise Conaghan joined and we filmed some more. Very enjoyable and fully socially distanced. Not normally a natural combo. 

You can enjoy the music video at Owen Lamont Music. 

Event Fuel put on some of the finest events you'd ever be lucky enough to attend. Keith has worked with them several times in the past and always with much joy. 

He is now delighted to be joining them in the role of Quiz Master as part of their Virtual Events. Keith is relieved to be asking the questions as the Lord knows he wouldn't be answering them.

Big Telly Theatre Company have taken Zoom by the scruff of the neck and they are galavanting together. 


Keith was involved in some of their Virtual Theatre recently, appearing in 'Operation Elsewhere'. Zoomed direct to living rooms across the world. 


After the success of it's initial outing, it will now return on the 23rd & 24th May. 

Keith was delighted to make a contribution to Tinderbox Theatre Companies SOLO ART initiative. He sketched The Grand Duchess of Cork and brought her to life in a mini-vid. The Grand Duchess of Cork is a reimagining by Paula O' Reilly of The Grand Old Duke of York. Reworking lyrics is one of Paula's top skills. She has many.


I'd like to say a huge thanks to Katie Richardson for playing and singing the tune so wonderfully.

'The Worst Café In The World' returns!

But the months since last years sold out run have not ensured any improvement. It's still desperate. 

Mrs. Doyle and the Mad Hatter were on hand to have the craic at the launch of Arts Ekta's 'You, Me & Tea'.

There were tea leaves read (badly), pretend tea poured and a lot of morning time dancing.

Good times. 


Nicky Harley is gonna make a play. As if this isn't enough cause for celebration, she got accepted to a week long artist residency to develop said play. Very best part, she took Claire Lamont and Keith Singleton with her. 

Massive thanks to all involved at SURGE for what was a wonderfully productive week of play and inspiration. And food. Lots and lots of food.  

A wonderful way to start the New Year. Keith spent early January working on an Art Installation entitled 'Sounding Conflict' at the Sonic Arts Research Centre. 


This project was a collaboration between the good folk there and Tinderbox Theatre Company. A video was made involving bricks, sand, projection mapping and two actors. It will be screened in Derry and Rio de Janeiro in time to come.  

Filming has wrapped on 'Soft Border Patrol'. The third instalment of The Comedy Unit & BBC N.I.'s Mockumentary will be aired in Spring 2020.

Keith got to return as Smuggler Michael Flynn which meant he had to grow a 'moustache'. Moustache, in the loosest sense of the word as one gentleman commented "I've seen more hair on a banana". Quality. 

Panto Season is soon to kick off. This year The Marketplace Theatre, Armagh will be putting on 'Beauty & The Beast'. 

Keith will be teaming up with many of the cast from last years 'Aladdin' and once again Director Patrick J. O' Reilly will be at the helm.  

'The Worst Café In The World' was an absolute hit at the 2019 Belfast International Theatre Festival. Better still, it was an absolute joy to perform in. 

"This busy, increasingly surreal production is blessed with a cast of experienced and fearless performers" - Jane Coyle

"Three well-establised performers sparkle"

- Alan in Belfast

Keith felt like a very lucky chappy being part of a group of twenty Performers during the process of Engine.

A show entitled 'Belfast 1919' was created on the double and was then presented for just two nights at the Brian Friel Theatre. Huge thanks to Tinderbox Theatre Company and Manifesto Poetico for this opportunity.

"The physicality of the players, the use of the space and compelling dialogue make for an invigorating forty minutes" - Conor O' Neill

Big Telly have been busy developing their show for this years Belfast International Arts Festival. 

Keith now joins the team for further shaping and of course..... Craic.


It runs from the 23rd - 27th October. 

Keith is the voice of RTÉ's lovely show 'My Big Day: Home or Away?'. 

He had a class time voicing the programme with the wonderful COCO Television. Sound peeps. However he did manage to guess what the wedding couple would choose wrong everytime. 

Four for four. Impressive. 

For those of you with excellent eyesight here is a photo of Finn the Giant, Keith Singleton (The Point Man), Christina Nelson and a crowd of wonderful Warrenpointers at the 2019 'Wake The Giant' Festival. 

For those with less excellent eyesight, here is a photo of Finn the Giant. 

Thanks to Event Fuel and The National Dairy Council, Keith got to fulfil a dream of MC'ing at Electric Picnic. Better still he got to MC at Tour De Picnic at Electric Picnic. Dream plus bonus dream. 

"Keith Singleton as Trinculo is particularly skilled in charming audience members" - The Stage

"Keith Singleton's sonorous Irish words humourously taunt Caliban into a drunken stupor" - Broadway Baby

Only a week and a half to go for what has been an epic run of 'The Tempest' thus far. 

It's just over a week now till Keith gets into rehearsals for Creation Theatre's 'The Tempest'. 

He's excited to play Trinculo. He's excited to go to Oxford. He's excited about the weather. He's excited about lunch. He's excited about everything. 

'Fantastic Captain Plastic & His Litter Fishing Friends'. What more do you need to know?

With the wonderful Adam & Ed Creative and Director Kim McCafferty, Keith and three other performers / Fisherfolk set about rallying the masses to save our oceans before it's too late. Fisherfolk 1 - 0 Plastic. Wonderful weekend in Cork. 

'Footsteps In The Forest' proved once again to be one of finest outdoor events on the island of Ireland.

Keith was only delighted to reprise his role as an Elf (he has no other costumes). 

In October of this year Tinderbox Theatre Company will be partnering up with Manifesto Poetico to deliver a two week Theatre Lab on the theme of 'Epic Borders'. 

Keith is one of twenty five local artists who have been asked to get involved in the project. Since then he has been chomping at the bit to get stuck into the specialist training and discussions. 

Not since the Leaving Cert in 1998 has Keith crossed paths with Shakespeare. He enjoyed having 'The Merchant of Venice' explained to him time and time again, but finally accepted he hadn't a clue what was going on. He then wrote an essay about it for his exam. We don't talk about the result of that exam. 


Almost twenty years on and BOOM, 'The Tempest' with Oxford's Creation Theatre. A chance for redemption.  

What a terrific weekend was had hunting Easter Eggs in Merrion Square as part of this years Easter Egg Hunt.


Keith was MC for the event that was about so much more than hunting eggs. It was also a whopping fundraiser for the incredible charity Barnardo's. Yes!    

Keith got to do some VO for Ken Fanning's 'Bathroom' the movie which featured at the 2019 Belfast Film Festival. Not just any movie, it's a feature-length dystopian si-fi lo-fi circus comedy movie. 

Ken's words, not mine. 

'Freak Show' is back and it's better than last time!

It was very good before but now it is very very good. 

Plenty of new Freaks to enjoy, including a Frankenfadger! One of a kind. Please do come along and meet him. He doesn't bite...... Much. 

'Soft Border Patrol' is back! 5 sweet sweet border banter episodes on the Beeb. 

Keith is in four of them as Michael Flynn. Season two sees him smuggling everything from milk to designer dresses. 


It's easy. Buy a van, put stuff in it and then drive.  

Keith once again got to be the President of the Creme Egg Hunting Society.


EGG (Edmund Grayson Glenmorris III) welcomed novice hunters to his Creme Egg out of town Headquarters to put them through their paces and then spoil them rotten. Quality times were had and remarkable hunters were born.  

Getting to dress up as an Explorer as part of the launch for the 21st Belfast Children's Festival is probably the closest Keith will get to being Indiana Jones.

The Festival was launched wonderfully by Young At Art and there will be heaps to enjoy from the 8th - 13th March. 

Prime Cut Production's REVEAL programme will be taking place at The MAC mid-January and Keith is delighted to be taking part in it.


He will be involved in a rehearsed-reading of Sarah Gordon's new work 'Road'.

Armagh loves a Panto. 'Aladdin' is into it's final few days now. Thirty shows under the belt, eight left to put under the belt. 

Keith has had a terrific time falling about the stage as a creaky Genie and making a meal of everything as Inspector Pong.


Full marks to The Marketplace Theatre and it's excellent folk.  

Big Telly's 'Freak Show' went down real sweet at The MAC. If you missed it there don't worry because it will be hitting the road in March 2019. Something to look forward to for all freak enthusiasts.

"Both performers are masters of physical theatre, switching between accents, tics and facial expressions" - Alan in Belfast

After recently completing their 60th showing of 'Looking Deadly', Keith & Niamh McGrath are now getting a well deserved rest. No rest for 'Looking Deadly' though as it is being staged by Trinity students as part of the Debut Festival. Yes!  

Keith was only delighted to be asked back to smuggle more 'stuff' over the border as Michael Flynn in 'Soft Border Patrol' Round 2!

Smuggling can be risky. Keith doesn't recommend it. But smuggling with The Comedy Unit & BBC One NI. A joy. Highly recommended.   

'The Shame Project' showing went down a treat at The Brian Friel Theatre. 

Big up all involved. Especially knee pads!

Watch this space for 2019.

Dance Master Eileen McClory has asked Keith to be part of 'The Shame Project' showing. 


It's primarily a dance piece. Keith thought he was being pranked. He wasn't. Or maybe it's a long prank and he'll find out down the line.


The showing will take place in October. Please follow Off The Rails Dance on Facebook for a time and venue.  

Are you ready for a rare roadshow of revenge?

Then Big Telly Theatre Companies 'Freak Show' might be just the show for you. 

Keith & Nicky Harley will be playing in this two-hander at The MAC as part of the 2018 Belfast International Arts Festival.

Keith is not one to talk about Christmas too early but surely it's okay to mention a Panto?

The Marketplace Theatre, Armagh will be Keith's home for the build up to Crimbo this year. He will be playing the Genie in 'Aladdin' to be directed by Patrick J. O' Reilly. 

Happy Christmas one and all. 

The annual rousing of Finn McCool is almost upon us. 

If you get down to Warrenpoint on the 18th August, you'll get to catch Keith as Mr. Point leading the giant Finn through the streets in the hope of waking him up. Big slumber. Small chance. 

'Footsteps in the Forest' continues to be one of the finest weekends of free craic for all the family. 

Keith was only delighted to reprise his role as an Elf at this years merrymaking.


He also got to pet a skunk. Bucket list. Tick. 

Camp Freddo setup camp at the Avon Rí lakeshore resort in Blessington, Co. Wicklow. 


Keith was there as the Camp Leader and got to have a go of all of the activities on offer. 


Turns out he is good at javelin and climbing walls make him sleepy.  

Having not shown their faces in public since Spraoi last year it was time for Ethel & Lilly ('The Oh Dears') to have another day out. It's so rare that they get out, they decided to make a weekend of it. 

Keith & Niamh McGrath thoroughly enjoyed a few days of being their favourite oul ones again and even got a chance to try out a couple of new characters at the VCF. 

Thank you to Turning Pirate for being an outstanding company to work for. Never was I so well looked after. 

Filming has begun on Frame It Productions feature 'This Day'.


Keith will play the role of Danny Phillips and he is delighted with himself as he gets to play all of his scenes opposite the films lead actor Peter Byrne. A.K.A. Byrner.    

Keith got to be a host at the pop-up MSUnderstood Café set up by MS Ireland on Exchequer Street, Dublin. 


The Café presented some of the issues facing people with MS. For example the menu board went in and out of focus to highlight the blurred vision that can occur with MS.


There were many other features, like a moving counter, extra heavy chairs and cups that were difficult to get a grip of.   

Finally! The role of Keith's life. He has been waiting fifteen years to play the only thing he feels truly passionate about. Including carrot cake. 

A sock!

Keith will be teaming up with Tinderbox Theatre Company to play a sock in Dan Leith's comedy 'Hubert and the YES SOCK'.

The show written by Dan, starring Dan (the same Dan) and to be Directed by Patrick J O'Reilly will be on for two nights in May at The MAC, Belfast. 

Ireland had the Six Nations in the bag but it all boiled down to the final game at Twickenham to see if they could win their third ever Grand Slam and so they did! On St. Patrick's Day!

Keith had a dream come true in getting to voice a pre-game inspirational video for TV3.


"And send us again into a dream land" 

'Soft Border Patrol' a brand new comedy set on that stretch of land where the E.U. meets the U.K. will air it's first episode on Friday 2nd March at 10:35pm. 


Keith plays Michael the Smuggler in The Comedy Unit & BBC N.I.'s co-production.  

The Creme Egg Hunting Lodge has been travelling around Ireland raising money for Irish charity Aware. 


As part of this Keith played the President of the Creme Egg Hunting Society, Edmund Grayson Glenmorris  III.


Recently accused of stealing the precious white Creme Egg, Edmund was forced into hiding till he could find the evidence to clear his name.


He'd have found this evidence a lot quicker if he hadn't of been so busy..... eating Creme Eggs.  

Keith recently filmed with the BBC & The Comedy Unit on a mockumentary that is destined for the telly in no sweet time. 

Keith will appear in all three episodes of the show and he also has a writing credit. 


And the three week run of 'Looking Deadly' at Bewley's Café Theatre has come to an end. Don't worry if you missed it. The show will be back in September. The Wake continues.

"McGrath & Singleton act their socks off with bamboozingly swift character changes" - The Sunday Times

"A highly entertaining romp with quick-fire gags" - Irish Independent



'Looking Deadly' began it's run of  2018 shows at Roscommon Arts Centre on Friday 19th January.


Keith & Niamh McGrath could not have asked for a warmer welcome or a more abundant audience. 

Their next port of call is The MAC in Belfast where they sold out both of their shows in 2017. 

And then it's onto Bewley's Café Theatre, the venue where 'Looking Deadly' was first presented during the Dublin Fringe Festival 2016. 

And then. Who knows............

The MAC's re-invented version of 'Hansel & Gretel' has been going down a storm with audiences in Belfast. 

Keith has been singing, dancing and playing as many roles as he can in Stephen Begg's take on the German Fairytale.

"Keith Singleton is irrepressible as he switches between the Security Guard and Peter Pan" - Alan in Belfast


"Keith Singleton fizzles and crackles with tireless energy as Peter Pan" - Culture N.I.

2017's Irish adventure for 'Looking Deadly' was just that, Deadly! The wonderful news is that The Wake Continues in 2018 with the excellent addition of Deirdre Molloy as Producer.  

Roscommon Arts Centre will be the first of many venues next year for the show written and performed by Keith & Niamh McGrath. We begin on the 19th January. Yes! 

Rehearsals commence on Monday for The MAC's Christmas offering 'Hansel & Gretel'. Keith will be playing numerous characters in this modern take on a classic tale. He thinks it's going to be really good. Like, reeeealllly good. Tickets. Get them.  

Dr. Crazy Face (Keith) has been one of Aoife's Clown Doctors since they arrived at Dublin hospitals nine years ago. This week he was chuffed to be told that some drawings he had done of his fellow Clown Doctors were to be compiled and made into a colouring book that would be used in the hospitals. He hopes the Clown Doctors will be happy with their cartoon selves, and he won't have to be walking about waiting for a pie in the mush.  

Ken Fanning has made a post-truth mockumentary about the unique Pitt's Family Circus and Keith has done some Voiceover for it. The film documents the incredible lives of this wonderful family and also has a few side stories. One is about crypto-currency, which Keith doesn't understand. Keith has been paid for his work on this film in crypto-currency. Keith still doesn't understand crypto currency.   

Getting your leg waxed for a good cause. What could be better!

Keith recently filmed a promotional video for the Skoda Smooth Riders. He played Juan Jersee, the champignon bicyclist supreme. 


A charity leg waxing is taking place on the 16th September and for every leg waxed Skoda will donate €50 to @cycleagainstsuicide


Keith and Tiny Nelson made the trip down to Warrenpoint in August to 'Wake The Giant'. 

Armed with saucepans, cutlery, tin cups and even a grill, they were as well prepared to wake the Giant as any of the wonderful audience, artists and craftspeople. 


The Giant was duly woken and into the bargain a Witch named Calliagh Beara was melted. But it's okay she was evil. I just feel bad for the cleaners who had to scoop her up.   

Keith is delighted to now have his voice signed up with Voiceover Agency, Voicebank. 


His body is still awaiting representation.   

'You'll Never Guess What Happened!' (written by Keith) is a tour for all the family that follows Janey on her quest to regain the winning lottery ticket that recently flew out the window.

The tour takes place across the BT1 area during Aug & Sept and is, wait for it, FREE!

Here is Keith during a recent interactive storytelling session with Young At Art. The stories were being read as part of First Thursdays in Belfast.


First Thursdays is an initiative designed to showcase the very best of Belfast's Cathedral Quarter. 


It's very good. You should go.     

After fourteen wonderful years as a member of ReActors Co-Operative Agency, Keith has now joined the ranks at Independent Agency. 

Keith and Niamh McGrath's old lady double act 'The Oh Dears' were invited to play at Waterford's International Street Art Festival Spraoi. And play they did. 

The people of Waterford should be very proud as Ethel (Keith) & Lilly (Niamh) enjoyed countless foot rubs and several dances from the lovely locals. 

Ethel & Lilly said "We enjoyed Spraoi more than afternoon tea".

In possibly the best suit Keith has ever been handed, he welcomed the revellers of Longitude (Music Festival) to experience the Cadbury Taste Sensation.

With Ballroom Dancing, Monkey Bars, a Scrum Machine & a Giant Ball Pool as part of the experience, people were definitely not disappointed. Keith however, was disappointed with his score on the scrum machine. We don't talk about it.   

Ireland's self-proclaimed 'Hottest Pop Sensation' SINNEAD arrived in June at The MAC Belfast to perform her biggest show to date 'SINNEAD: one night only... for two nights'. 

The show was a great success and Keith was delighted to play a cameo.


"Keith Singleton's appearance as Decky complete with a broad Belfast accent was a revelation" - Alan in Belfast

Bark (Keith) & Willow (Jazzmin McClure) were involved in approximately one million selfies during the course of the wonderful 'Footsteps in the Forest' at Slieve Gullion. 

Although often mistaken for a Goblin and a Troll, I can confirm that Bark is definitely an Elf. 

'Madame Geneva' has been going down very smoothly at the Lyric Theatre with excellent reviews. 

Here are a couple of mentions for Keith. 

"Keith gets the biggest laughs exploding with outrage as gin sodden wenches place their hands upon his person! His is a rolling tide of period perfect invective" - Culture Hub

"Keith injects large amounts of humour into the otherwise serious conversations" - Alan in Belfast

MACHA Productions are currently rehearsing 'Madame Geneva' which will run at The Lyric Theatre in late May. 

'Madame Geneva' (the popular name for gin) is set between 1690 - 1758 and investigates the cause and effect that led to the institution of the first Magdalen penitentiary. 


Keith will play several of the characters in this history play.     

You'll see Keith in Irish band The Blizzards new music video 'Show Me The Science' as a super enthusiastic dance captain in a very dodgy pair of red shorts. The music video shot by Crooked Gentlemen is definitely one to look out for with some of the best bad dancing you're likely to come across. 

The Galway Theatre Festival 2017 features six days of exciting theatre, circus, spectacle and storytelling, showcasing the vibrant performance culture of Ireland's festival city. It also features a six night run of Keith & Niamh McGrath's 'Looking Deadly'! The GTF runs from the 18th - 23rd April. See you there.    

This week the annual meeting of the Creme Egg Hunting Society takes place in Dublin. Keith plays Edmund Grayson Glenmorris the 3rd (EGG) who will be hoping to secure another year as President and to finally catch the Giant Egg he has been tracking his whole life, Ovum Rex.  

A huge thank you to all the Theatres that have hosted 'Looking Deadly' to date. In 2017 the show has played several venues in both Connacht and Ulster and is due to visit Leinster next week with a trip to the Riverbank Arts Centre in Newbridge, Co. Kildare.  

During our two night run at The MAC, Alan in Belfast made it along to the show and had this to say:

"McGrath and Singleton deliver fifty five minutes of madcap physical and tongue-twisting verbal comedy together with synchronised gestures and beautiful accents that can’t fail to make you laugh"

'Looking Deadly' will begin 2017 at the Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar. 

Here are the venues that Keith is due to visit with 'Looking Deadly' in the forthcoming year. 

Hopefully there is one not too far from you and that there will be many more venues added to the list in time to come. 

Here is the standing ovation that 'Looking Deadly' received from a wonderful audience at Ballina Arts Centre. 'Looking Deadly' sold out during it's two nights out West.


Thank you to Richael Carroll for the photo.  

'Looking Deadly', Keith & Niamh McGrath's comedy-drama centring around the world of the Irish Funeral Director and The Wake is headed to Ballina Arts Centre for two shows this November. Please see for more details. 

'Looking Deadly' is a Show in a Bag Production, Directed by Amy Conroy. 

Keith & Niamh McGrath have been busy putting a show together for the 2016 Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival. 'Looking Deadly', to be Directed by Amy Conroy ( is a comedic look at the Irish Funeral / Wake a la the West of Ireland.

'Looking Deadly' is a Show In A Bag Production and will play many dates at Bewleys Café Theatre @ Powerscourt throughout the Festival. 

Show in a Bag is an artist development initiative of Tiger Dublin Fringe, Fishamble: The New Play Company and Irish Theatre Institute to resource theatre makers and actors.

'Looking Deadly', Written & Performed by Keith & Niamh McGrath has gone down a treat at the 2016 Tiger Dublin Fringe. 

"Idiomatic language displays the authors' sharp ear that is perfectly matched by the actors' flair for mimicry and parody, lampooning well-worn stereotypes to terrific comic effect" - The Reviews Hub

"McGrath & Singleton's performances are superb; their fluidity and flexibility of both face and body are exceptional" - / Grace Byrne

The challenge was set to make a piece of Theatre in five days. The challenge was accepted and risen to.

The sentence "What could we do if weren't all so afraid" was the inspiration for the piece.  


From the moment Tinderbox Theatre Company recieved this sentence, Director Patrick J O'Reilly, Dramaturg Hanna Slättne and an ensemble of Performers (Keith being one), worked and played diligently to help make 'Ignition' a great success.


"What we witnessed is what happens when six Artists face their fear." - Alan in Belfast 

‘Ignition – Spark the Imagination’ is Tinderbox Theatre Companies fast paced ambitious Theatre making project. A Director (Patrick J O’ Reilly), a Dramaturg (Hanna Slättne) and four Performers (Keith being one) will have five days to create a new piece of work. This work will be performed at The MAC on the 17th & 18th June at 8pm. It’s exciting. There will be sweaty palms. 

'Puckoon' has been enjoying great audiences as North as The Playhouse in Derry and as South as the Theatre Royal in Waterford over the past five weeks.


We're now catching a flight for England to play fourteen venues in the U.K. over the next three weeks.


Then Ireland for another week. And then bed.

Big Telly Theatre Companies 'Puckoon' has arrived at the Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire to begin a nine week tour of Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. 


Keith wil be playing multiple characters in 'Puckoon', a story of what happens to a rural community in Ireland when the Ulster Boundary Commission decides that the Irish border will go straight through the middle of their town.

Ken Fanning's feature length comedy 'Gun Not Fun' (starring Keith in the role of Brian) is headed for the big screen as part of the 2016 Belfast Film Festival. If you have ever wondered what type of film is achievable with no script, a cheap camcorder and a temperamental laptop, then this is the film for you. 


'Gun Not Fun' will play at the Movie House, Dublin Road on Sunday 17th April 

Keith has teamed up with Tasmania's Terrapin Puppet Theatre to work on 'I Think I Can' at the Belfast Children's Festival. 'I Think I Can' invites the audience to inhabit a delightful miniature town and become active members of its tiny community. Keith's role is as editor-in-chief of the towns local newspaper The Belfaston Bugle. 'I Think I Can' runs till the 9th March.

Keith played Master of Ceremonies for a week at the fantastic Creme Egg Cafe in Dublin. His duties included making sure everyone received a big welcome, entertaining all with magic, song and sometimes dance. His main duty was not to eat the food during working hours. He fell down on this part and doesn't feel one bit bad about it.   

Keith & Niamh McGrath's old dear double act 'The Oh Dears' are now off to the Bray Comedy Festival. It takes place from February 24th - 28th and involves some of Ireland's and the U.K.'s most exciting acts including Karl Spain, Eric Lawlor & Joe Rooney. Ethel & Lilly are so excited they could fall over. So they better calm down because it takes them an age to get back up. 

Keith has been cast in Big Telly Theatre Companies 'Puckoon'. The show is back by popular demand having had previous spells touring Ireland and the U.K. including a run at the Leicester Square Theatre. Keith will be playing multiple roles and the drums. Rehearsals start in March, drum lessons start now!

Cinderella is well underway at the Waterfront. Eve Rosato at The Stage had this to say "Those that purchase tickets should rest assured that they will shout at a dame, laugh out loud and even enjoy a sing-along". True story. 

Keith is delighted to have received an award from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland under its General Art Award Scheme. He now hopes to get Niamh McGrath and Raymond Keane back in a room to continue what they began during the Theatre Laboratory at Bealtaine. 

Keith teamed up with the Make-Up Masters at Titanic Creative Management to create a Halloween Tour at an old mill in Ballyclare. The tour was complete with zombies, ghosts, super-creeps and a chainsaw. For good measure.

After the successful debut outing of Keith & Niamh McGrath's 'old dear' double act at the Black Pig Festival, Ethel and Lilly have now been asked to pour tea for punters at Culture Night in Dublin. The ladies are known to make a very good cup of scald. 

As part of the 2015 EastSide Arts Festival, Keith & Christina Nelson penned a comedy tour of George Best's family home at 16 Burren Way. The show was a lovely blend of fact and fiction and was performed by Alan McKee & Jazzmin McClure. As a lifelong United fan it was a real treat for Keith to spend time in the house where the World's greatest footballer grew up. Sorry Messi.

Cahoots N.I.'s Magic Menu has begun it's tour of Northern Ireland. Bringing magic tricks, music and a whole lot of silliness to the homes of children living with cancer. Keith as El Meastro Chef has teamed up with Madame Vol-au-vent (Christina Nelson) & Gordon Bleu (Caolan McBride) in this bespoke show designed to bring a visit to the theatre to a persons home. 

Keith has been cast as the role of Buttons in Lana Productions Pantomime 'Cinderella'. The show will run for seven weeks from the 26th November 2015 at The Waterfront. This will be Keith's second Panto after playing The Vizier in Aladdin at The Gaiety back in 2005. 

KenEvil's second feature length film 'Gun Not Fun' was screened as part of Belfast's International No Budget Film Festival. Keith enjoyed a leading role in Director Ken Fanning's Comedy Thriller. He played Brian an easily-led romantic whose Girlfriend won't even tell him her real name.

The hours of running around the streets of Belfast with a prop gun, a fearless cameraman and no sign of a script made the project more fun than...... gun.

Following on from the success of last years Slapstick Workshops at The Ark. Niamh McGrath & Keith will be once again asking the youth of today to channel their inner Charlie Chaplin and become a Master of Slapstick.


All the bashing with none of the hurting at Merrion Square on the 10th & 11th July as part of the Laya Healthcare City Spectacular.





'My English Tongue My Irish Heart' is emigrating to Manchester & London for it's final week of shows after a hugely successful run in Ireand.


"Utterly dynamic and captivating, with a lively script, dizzying movement and a multi-talented cast of five that is simply on top form" - Sean Hillen, Examiner

Bealtaine 2015's Theatre Labaratory saw Keith, Niamh McGrath & Raymond Keane team up at the Ballina Arts Centre to explore ideas and ways of creating a performance for 2016 through the shared sensibility of Clown. 

From the 29th July - 10th August Keith in tandem with the very slapstickable Niamh McGrath carried out workshops as part of Funny Fest 2014 at The Ark. If your child / young adult is feigning injury, pulling the chair from under you or humming the soundtrack to Benny Hill, we may be responsible.




Keith will perform in Patrick J O'Reilly's Damage as part of the Outburst Queer Arts Festival. Damage is a visually stunning, sexually charged and provocative piece of theatre that deals with the controversial subject of gay reparative therapy and the damaging effects of sexual repression and Identity.




"The shakes, sweating and tortured speech patterns as Robert and Louise edge nearer on the counterpane make Keith Singleton's performance a brilliant piece of naturalism." - Jane Hardy, Culture N.I.


Damage has completed a very successful run at the Brian Friel Theatre, Belfast.






March 2015 will see Keith playing two characters in Cahoots N.I.'s 'The Gift' written by Charles Way for The Belfast Childrens Theatre Festival. 


Here is what Cahoots N.I. have to say about it.


"This amazing story is told through the memories of Mary as the audience literally travel inside her mind and experience the story from within. Sound, touch and smell create an unforgettable immersive theatrical experience."






Rehearsals have started with Green Shoot Productions for 'My English Tongue My Irish Heart'.


The show based on the book 'The Literature of The Irish In Britain' by Dr Liam Harte tells the story of Irish emigration to England through the generations.


It wil play the Waterfront Studio in May as part of the 16th Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival. And then..... We're on the road.