Born in the beautiful hills of Tallaght Dublin, Keith is a physical actor with much experience improvising, clowning, devising and voicing.


Having graduated from Performing Arts at The Liberties College in 2003 Keith leapt straight into an epic tour around Ireland in a lively van with a cast of three, a hundred costumes, a lot of fabreze and one horses head. Not a real one. Keith has been cast in a great variety of performances since.


He has convinced as a Merman in Big Telly Theatre Companies World Tour of The Little Mermaid. It was an Aquatheatre production and by the time it reached Taiwan Keith had grown gills, which he is grateful for. Then he joined the circus with The Smile Project because everyone should join the circus once in their life. He clowned all over Nepal and his best belly laugh moment came during his daily address of a Nepali audience in their native tongue. Keith did well to convince himself it was his Clowning that had people doubled over and not his pronunciation. He then shed his gills and grew wings and hooves to strut around The MAC’s main-stage as a number of farmyard animals in Hatch. With much jumping between characters he’d be lying if he said he never oinked as a rooster and crowed as a pig.


In an attempt to sum up the rest of his endeavors and not keep you too long he has Improvised at a plethora of comedy venues on the island of Ireland, his voice has been all over the airwaves like a rash (a nice one), his mug has been invited onto the television often, he’s a Clown Doctor and a survivor of the Edinburgh Fringe. Just.


When not performing Keith can be found walking, running, cycling, trying not to eat cupcakes, eating cupcakes and shouting at his favorite football team through the television.


Thank you for reading and please feel free to enjoy the rest of the Website. If you click on all the pages and watch all the videos you may or may not win a prize.