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Hello there!

You've made it to my website. Cool. It's usually just me here. Me and my headshots, having the lolz!


As an apology for the use of 'lolz', here is a bit about me as a Performer. 

I'm an energetic Actor with much experience improvising, clowning, devising and voicing. 


I graduated from The Liberties College Dublin in 2003 and was fortunate enough to sign for ReActors Agency at that time. ReActors are a Co-Operative Agency and my experience of being a member there gave me a much needed education about how the industry works / doesn't work. That initial grounding has proved to be vital. 

I landed my first role not long after joining ReActors and have been incredibly fortunate to have been very active in the Arts ever since. 

I would say Theatre is my primary focus. I'm awful fond of the telly but Theatre is definitely where my mind goes first. The buzz of the rehearsal room definitely suits my active nature. 

I've performed in a wide variety of Productions including being a Merman in Taiwan, running away with the Circus to Nepal, presenting illusion in Washington and singing 'Wrecking Ball' up and down the Outer Hebrides. I've been a funeral director, a cockerel, a detective, a rabbit, a genie, a sandwich, a balloon head and a prince. I have been many Characters / Animals / Things and hope to be many more. 

I spent a lot of my formative acting years performing with Improvisation groups, including Peter Byrne's 'The Craic Pack'. Fun, would be an understatement. I was exceptionally fortunate to become a member of Clown Doctors when they first arrived on Irish shores. I continue to be a member today under the revised title Aoife's Clown Doctors. This has done my heart and soul no end of good. I have voiced a great many advertisements over the years and am represented by Voicebank Dublin for all things VO. In recent years I have been MC for many events and have thoroughly enjoyed it. A chance to wear one my three good shirts. 


When not performing I can be found walking, sea swimming, updating my website, trying not to eat chocolate, eating chocolate and shouting at my favourite football team through the screen.


Thank you for reading and please feel free to enjoy the rest of the Website. If you click on all the pages and watch all of the videos you may or may not win a prize.




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